Vallenduuk wins on Zolder

After an incredible show with the GT3 drivers on Zolder it was time to switch cars and have another go
in the GT4 class.

Yanniek Vallenduuk and Sem Spenkelink formed the front row, closely followed by Michiel Hutman and the first Am driver, Thomas Wolters. At race start Sem got a clean get away and immediately took p1. Michiel Hutman and Thomas Wolters fought out a heavy battle in the first couple of laps but maintained positions.
If was only a teaser for more and even closer fighting later on in the race.

For most of the race it was an intense fight between the top 3, where the battle between Yanniek and Michiel
often gave Thomas the opportunity to gain grounds again and make it a four way battle for the win. Unfortunately Sem suffered (another) game crash after which Yanniek closed out the race in a very professional manner. Thomas and Michiel had multiple smaller taps until drama unfolded in the final lap. Both cars went off, handing the remaining podium places to Nicolas Melotte and Tim Krol (after
a 5 point penalty to Michiel Hutman).

Further down the field we witnessed a great three way battle between Denise Pope, Jan-Paul Eikelenboom and Natalie Lee. Fortunately this battle was caught in the livestream on multiple occasions, a true tribute to clean and fair racing.

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