SRHI Jenson Button Silverstone

SRHI joins with 2 teams at a Jenson Button event

So just last week (3 october) 3 teams of the SRHI community joined an 12 hour endurance event organized by SSR (SimSportRacing). It was a charity event and all profits and donations went to MIND – for a better mental health -.

#24 SimRacingHolland with Frans van der Linden, Patrick Wanst and Tom van der Meer
#101 Team RIP101 with Oliver Anderson and Stephan Hofmann Arvidsonn
#125 AAK Racing with Aaron van Druenen, Antony ter Horst and Koen Septer

Just as that race finished team #125 got an invitation from the organizors of this last event. If we wanted to join a very special next event on October the 16th, he couldn’t tell us what was going on. He wanted to know if we were interested and wanted to join. It was a 3 hour endurance event on Silverstone!

Just days later we were informed that SSR had teamed up with Jenson Team Rocket (Yes, from the REAL Jenson Button) to create this event! We started to see some top-tier drivers join like Jenson Button himself, Nils Naujoks, Jardier and many more! We knew we had some work to do but we were also honoured that we were invited!

So we started to put together two teams which resulted in the following teams:

#106 SRHI 106 with Sem Spenkelink and Koen Septer
#125 SRHI 125 with Aaron van Druenen and Antony ter Horst

Aaron van Druenen, Antony ter Horst and Koen Septer did a 12 hour endurance event a couple of months ago so we knew we had some skill on the track. We asked Sem Spenkelink to join us and he was happy to do so! We think we assembled two nice balanced teams who can represent SRHI on a good way in this special event!

So here we are, just one day to go and with some healthy stress ready for this special SSR – Button event on Silverstone!
Are you guys joining us on stream? We have a special stream where we will show a cockpit view of both cars on Twitch and on YouTube !

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