Simon Pike edges out Nard Cox for second place while Sem Spenkelink wins.

With 25 drivers on the field it was again a fully packed race at the Nurburgring. Qualifying was close with only minor gaps throughout the field. In the end it was Sem with an amazing 01:54.1680 who took pole position. Closely followed by Nard Cox, Simon Pike and Tim Meuris.

While the first three battled for the podium it was Tim Meuris struggling this time with tyre wear. In the end he dropped back to 11th place after a slight collission and him waiting. Behind the top 3 it was Jordi Bakker with a great race to finish 4th.

Special mention for Patrick Wanst who had a great comeback after a big spin in the Schumacher S section to finish on 10th position.

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