Sim racing hub international 2021

Sim racing hub international is a community of Sim-race enthusiasts. For 2021 we have the ambition to further professionalize and expand the community and championship series.

We have the ambition to organize 3 championships:

  • ACC GT3 championship
  • ACC GT4 championship
  • ACC Endurance events (mixed)

We want to live stream races with professional live commentary, provide recaps of every race. And most importantly provide an awesome atmosphere around the championships. Furthermore we will continue to organize the ACC fun races and continue to develop and grow the community. To realize the above we require input from volunteers being the (awesome) admin and Marshall team, but also financial means that pay for server costs, professional commentator etc etc. This is why we want to introduce the SRHI Premium membership and merchandise line where we ask you the community to contribute.

SRHI Premium membership

SRHI premium membership will be introduced for 2021, premium members will have various perks being:

  • Early access to register for special events 
  • Custom car livery for Championships and Events
  • 10% discount on SRHI merchandise
  • 10% discount at 
  • We share new ideas and ask you for input

SRHI Premium Membership costs are € 25.00 per year. (Donating more is allowed ;-)) 

Important note: the free membership will continue to be available, becoming a premium member purely gives you special perks and shows you contribute to the community.

Click here to register Now!


  1. €25,- a year for pro commentary, discounts and special events. That’s a great deal, entry done 🙂

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