Round 4 Barcelona, The winner isn’t the one with the fastest car. It’s the one who refuses to lose.

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Sixteen turns, 4.675 km long and renown for extremely difficult overtaking. Great ingredients for the 4th round of the SRHI GT3 Championship. With George Boothby taking the win in the Pro class the first 3 rounds Niels van de Koekelt, Sem Spenkelink and Marcel Vis were eager to take the highest step of the Pro class podium! Be sure to check the full race replay below as there were quite some exciting battles in Tuesday nights race!

Sem Spenkelink took 1st place at Barcelona after a fierce battle with Niels vd Koekelt who ended 7th. George Boothby took 2nd place and James Warren finished 3rd.

Sem’s race report:
Had an absolute stellar race. Had a good qualifying session and suprisingly managed to put it on Pole, Unfortunately, I got overtaken by Niels for P1 after a bad exit out of the last corner. Coming out of T1/T2 two love taps occurred which gave me some splitter damage and Niels pulled away from me steadily. I wanted to go for the undercut, but that was covered by Niels pitting early. After going long I emerged just two second behind Niels. From there on I could put pressure on him. We were side by side on multiple occasions. The fight was pretty rough. Doors were closed, small taps given by both sides. The Porsche just did not have the straight line speed for a laid back overtake. I knew I had to get a proper attack lined up before George closed in from P3. In the end I felt like I was close enough going into La Caixa. It required a Ricciardo-esque lunge, but I outbraked Niels after a dummy move. Really happy to finally take a victory again and break the Boothby-streak.

In the Semi Pro class Georgio Raimondi took 1st place in class finishing 5th overall, Michiel Hutman took 2nd place in class and Benjamin Simmers took 3rd place in class.
Georgio’s race report:
Nice qualifying that allowed me to start from the front and be able to control my class rivals.
The start of the race was good, luckily I was able to avoid the crash in turn 2. In the first stint of the race I had slightly low tire pressures and the car was slipping a little too much. At the beginning of the race I had some problems braking in turn 1, but then as the laps went by, things got better. At the end of the first stint I managed to close the gap with the driver of Ferrari number 31, I was slightly faster, but his Ferrari in acceleration and top speed was unassailable. I pushed hard and entered the pit lane very aggressively. This allowed me to get out in front of him. In the second stint the car and the tire pressures were perfect, I tried to resist Barni’s McLaren but I saw that in the second sector he was faster and very aggressive. I decided to give him his way so as not to compromise my race. In the end, however, I came close to him within a few tenths. Excellent result for the ranking of my category.

Some pictures by our house photographer Dimitri Schenk:

Be sure to join us for round 5 at Zolder Belgium on Tuesday the 13th of April.
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