Rain spices up the Hungaroring endurance

It was always going to be an exciting race judging by the incredibly close qualification sessions, the rain however made sure however that it became an extraordinary exciting race.

It were the SimSportRacing #52 and #24 teams that aced the qualification and locked out the front row closely followed by the Lightning Monkeys and the audi from E-Sport designs. Capitalizing on their front positions it was both SSR teams running away in the early stages with Stephen Haley and Aaron Walker taking p1 on lap 6.

It wasn’t long though (about 60 minutes in) before the rain started to fall. Some teams allready made their first stop and had to pit again to switch to wets, losing valuable time in the process. Once everyone had settled into a comfrotable wet weather rythm it was the Bentley of Marcel Vis and Dave Junior alternating for race lead with Stephen Haley and Aaron Walker right up till the final parts of the endurance race.

Drama unfolded though when a couple of minutes before the end the Bentley of Marcel Vis and Dave Junior had to go into the pits, which didn’t go smoothly either. They dropped all the way back to p13 and because the SimSportRacing teams also dropped back we suddenly saw Dennis Krol and Tim Krol in the race lead. An amazing result for Lork racing after a p13 qualification. In second place we find 1 Fast and 1 Furious (Daan Lenssen and Yanniek Vallenduuk) and the Lightning Monkeys (Daniel Ruiz and Javier Berrio) claimed third position.

Full results file available here

Watch the full replay featuring amazing commentary by Steve Proudley and Alex Goldschmidt:

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