Looking back at another great season of racing

End of Season report from Chris aka the SRHI Boss, unfortunately GT3 Season 3 and GT4 Season 2 have now ended and what a pair of seasons they were.

We were inundated with so many requests to join the GT3 championship that we ended up running 4 categories spread over 2 Tiers with a pre season test to determine the class of each driver.

We hope those that took the time to take part in many of the races enjoyed them and the battles that were inevitable with such large fields. My personal lasting memories are being called Jedi Hill by the broadcasting team for (allegedly) using the force to get passed two opponents in separate incidents at Suzuka and having a multi lap battle with Klaas Wester at Hungaroring.

There were of course downsides to the season and I didn’t do too well in many of the races but for the majority I enjoyed them. 

I have to be honest I didn’t have the time to watch many of the GT4 races but the ones I did watch were impressive and full of equally important battles as GT3 the most notable being the Championship decider at Nurburgring. Congratulations go to:

GT3 Pro
1st – George Boothby
2nd – Sem Spenkelink
3rd – Dave Junior

GT3 Semi Pro
1st – Dennis Werkman
2nd – Giorgio Raimondi
3rd – Tim Krol

GT3 Amateur
1st – Bas Kroesbergen
2nd – Frank Rother
3rd – Joan Planas

GT3 Rookie
1st – Woulter Bijlsma
2nd – Jitse Miedema
3rd – Ike Tews

GT4 Pro
1st – Sem Spenkelink
2nd – Yanniek Vallenduuk
3rd – Tim Krol

1st – Evan Ntafas
2nd – Denise Pope
3rd – Danny de Swart

The next season of GT3 starts 07/09/21 with GT4 starting just 1 week later.
There will be some slight tweaking to the rules, race times, race length and points system as we try to find the best solution for our community to make the championship more interesting. Signup for the next season of each championship will open within the next couple of weeks with Premium Members having the opportunity to sign up first.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank: 
The Admin team for their time in organising and maintaining the events.
The Steward team for their time in preparing for the season with their input into the rule book and the video guides they produced were fantastic.
Please don’t forget that both the Admin and Stewards teams are made up of volunteers who give up their free time without question 
The broadcast and commentary team for their professional live streams which mean that we now have multiple YouTube videos for the F1 drivers to watch and understand how racing should be. These will remain a part of our history until YouTube decide that they break some sort of code and remove them 😂
Finally the drivers of each of the championship especially those that stayed with the races until the end of the season and didn’t drop out for whatever reason.

For those of you who aren’t aware we also have some relatively new roles within our community.
We now have a social media team responsible for keeping Facegram and Instabook (whatever these are) fresh with new posts along with keeping the website current and topical.

We have a blossoming eSports team who took part in their first official event last Saturday and finished 2nd so congratulations to them.

We are hoping to offer more league racing on different platforms but in order to do this we need to expand our admin team. If you are interested in joining the team then please feel free to reach out to me directly.

On a final note we look forward to welcoming the majority of you back for the next ACC season and for now enjoy the summer break with the fun races which have been organised on various platforms.


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