GT4 - Season 2 - Race 1

GT4 – Rain at the season opener

With a snowstorm grinding traffic to a halt in most parts of europe, the weather at this season’s GT4 opener was mild in comparison. “Only” rain for the drivers at Brand’s Hatch.

The british track near London is very technical, providing a great challenge to it’s drivers. The rain didn’t make it any easier as we witnessed during the practice and qualification sessions. Plenty of off-tracks and cars finding themselves on the not so black parts of the circuit. It was Sem Spenkelink who dominated the qualification in the KTM X-Bow, lapping more then 8 tenths of a second faster then his closest competitior, Tim Krol. It was Danny de Swart who took a suprise third place in qualification, just ahead of last season’s champion Michiel Hutman.

At the start of the race it was Tim who had the better start and immediately gained a position on Sem Spenkelink and grabbing p1. It wasn’t long however before Sem got into his dominating pace and overtook the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 to regain first place in the race. Despite some small mistakes every now and then the top 5 qualifiers only really swapped positions during pit stops and in the end finished right where they started.

The top 5:

  1. Sem Spenkelink
  2. Tim Krol
  3. Danny de Swart
  4. Michiel Hutman
  5. Alexander de Loor

Meanwhile there were some really close battles in the midfield where Sander Vale, Denise Pope and Daniel Hoekstra swapped positions almost every corner during some intense and very close, but clean, racing. For other drivers the rain proofed to be a handfull and keeping it on the tarmac a true challenge.

Next race will be in two weeks time on Suzuka, rumours are that some drivers are already performing their secret dances to ensure a nice and sunny racing day,

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