GT3 Race 1 Nürburgring – Dancing in the rain

The venue for this years season opening race of the SRHI GT3 Championship was the 5.148 km long Nürburgring grand prix circuit. Seeing the large amount of signups we are running 2 servers, the Pro & Semi Pro Class Tier 1 server with 50 entries, and the Amateur & Rookie Class Tier 2 server with 35 entries.

Running 2 servers is obviously a challenging task, special thanks goes out to Tom van de Meer monitoring and streaming the Tier 2 server. And last but certainly not least, Chris Hill, as Admin team we all try and support Chris where we can but ladies and gentleman Chris Hill deserves a medal for all work he puts in, he will hate me for posting this but the amount of hours he put into the pre-season test and championship organisation, Json files are countless, I guess i speak for all participants when i say THANK YOU CHRIS!

This year we ask both Tier 1 and Tier 2 drivers to share their race reports, this so you can “sit in the passenger seat”. This race we are sharing Yanniek Vallenduuk’s report for you to enjoy:

We went to the Nürburgring for the first race of the new season! Luckily, that is a track I know well as I did not have a lot of time to practice. It became clear that there was a large chance of rain, so I practiced that for a few laps as well. Come race practice, the rain was there, and it didn’t go away anymore. I feared the Lamborghini might be a tough car in the wet, but I had a very stable wet setup ready. Being assigned to ‘Pro’ class there was a bit of pressure to perform well, but in practice I found that I was reasonably on the pace in the rain.

Qualifying went decent with a 16th place, although there was some room left in it I think. I chose to take about 40 minutes of fuel so I could extend the first stint a little. Of course, a start in the rain is always tricky but people did a great job, and all kept it clean. I managed to climb to P14 after T1 by picking the narrow inside line, and overtook Tim Meuris in P13 when he unfortunately went wide in the Schumacher-S. Directly after, I took P12 from Simon Zimmerman who out-braked himself. From there it was time to get in a rhythm behind a Lexus train 😉 with Tim Krol just in front of me, and Simon close behind. Simon stayed within 1.5 seconds for about 10 laps, he came closer in some laps and in others I pulled away a little bit. After a little hairy moment with a backmarker he could make a move in T1 on the inside, but I could keep more speed on the outside line and managed to get the inside again for T2. Great, fair and clean racing!

A few laps later, I slightly touched the grass when braking into the final chicane, almost lost it and decided to go wide over the grass to prevent a spin. That gave Simon the opportunity to overtake me. I stayed close for a few laps, but started falling back a bit after a while. Meanwhile Koen Septer started to catch up with me a little bit as well. A shoutout to people being lapped by the way for doing their best to go out of the way appropriately!

Everyone started to pit in front of us, and we found ourselves in P1 and P2 for a lap. I went in one lap early compared to Simon, and screwed up my pitstop by overshooting the pitbox a bit, meaning it had to reposition me for a few seconds. After the stop I also failed to start the car, costing me another couple of seconds. This brought me just behind Jordi Bakker. Simon was about 6 seconds ahead of me after his pitstop, but he unfortunately got a 30 seconds Stop-and-Go penalty in the pitlane. I tried to stay with Jordi but he was a little quicker. However, when Tim Krol spun in front of him, and he had to avoid him, I came close again.

This was now a fight for P7 between us, with Simon and Tim K falling away. After a mistake in the chicane, Jordi went wide before the last corner and I was right behind him on the straight. I positioned myself on the inside and braked nice and early, but he braked a little late meaning I could overtake him on the inside. He than fell away about 2 seconds behind me, but after a few laps he recovered his pace and started catching me again. The Lamborghini didn’t like the final corner a lot, and when I made a mistake there Jordi could overtake me back into T1. I decided not to defend too hard, because Demian was a few seconds behind and I didn’t want him to catch up with me as well. From there on, it was survival to the finish line and taking P8. Really happy with the result, as I did not expect to take part in the top 10 for this race. A lot of smart and safe driving from all drivers, so really looking forward to the next race at Misano!

Big thanks to Yanniek for sharing his race report! Interested to share you race report in a future race? Drop me a DM on discord.

This year we are also very proud to welcome both Steve and Alex as commentators for the GT3 Tier 1 stream and GT4 streams. Without further ado the race replay:

The Pro class podium:

A short reaction from Race winner George Boothby:
I really enjoyed the race because in the wet anything can happen. I managed to go start to finish without any spins and keeping a good pace. Happy to get a Sidemax 1-2 :-). I cannot wait for the next round as well. It’s my favorite track so I hope to get another strong finish!

The Semi-Pro Class podium:

A short reaction from Patrick Wanst after winning the Semi-Pro class race:
To take my first class win was already awesome, but to make IT a clean sweep with my team mates Jordi Bakker and Demian de Keijzer, is an cherry on the cake. The first (and hopefully not the last) clean sweep for Pulse Motorsports. The Lexus was Incredible stable in the rain. Its a great start of hopefully An awesome season.

The full race results can be found here & The Championship standings can be found here

Big thanks to Sem Spenkelink and Ron IJzereef on creating the online result and championship standing app thingy majiggy!

The next race will take place at Misano circuit in Italy, we hope we can welcome you as spectator of the stream on YouTube SRHI.TV please like share and subscribe :-).

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  1. I remember Steve and Alex commenting in qualy how the Lexus is very fast in the rain. And then we get a Lexus 1,2,3. Must be the arrow 😉 Nah, congrats all. Awesome stuff!

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