Close battles on Paul Ricard

With Tim Meuris and Nard Cox battling for first position in the overall championship standings it was up to the other drivers to put up a challenge on Paul Ricard. It was Sem Spenkelink picking up the challenge and providing the fastest qualifying time with a 1.54.600 Nard Cox and Koen Septer weren’t far behind though. Tim Meuris, qualified on 5th place.

During the race tyre management proved to be crucial. While Sem and Nard were battling for first position and putting in really fast lap times, it was hard for the others to follow. However there were battles throughout the field and the race provided exciting action with only minor incidents.

In the end it was Sem who managed to pull a gap to Nard Cox and secure victory. Championship leader Tim neuris followed in 3rd place while fast qualifier Koen Septer struggled with tyre scrub and dropped back to 12th place.

Special notice goes out to Patrick Tractor who gained 9 places to finish on 8th position.

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