ACC – S2 – Race 2 – Barcelona

Race 2 for the SRHI Competizione Championship payed tribute to last weekend’s F1 race at Mugello. After an unfortunate starting incident right at the front of the grid it was imposible for the 30+ cars behind the initial crash to avoid mayhem. On-board footage of our drivers at the back clearly showed what the Formula 1 drivers also found out on Mugello. At the time you see the crash in front of you, you’re already to late to react and a chain reaction happens. Luckily these kind of incidents are very rare and is a first for us in any of our competitions.

Fortunately most of the drivers were able to continue (albeit with some repairs needed) and an exciting race followed. It was Klaas Wester on pole position due to him finishing 15th last race and having the top 15 reversed for this race. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t get away as fast as Henri Mietinnen, Xander Westenberg and Chris Hill, dropping a few places after turn 1. Due to the starting incident many cars needed some repairs and the race unfolded into an exciting game of chasing cars while navigating through traffic.

In the end it was Henri Mietinnen who kept onto the lead he grabbed at turn 1. Sem Spenkelink finished second and Klaas Wester managed to get back to p3 after dropping some places initially.

Next up, Zandvoort on september 29.

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