12 hours at Mount Panorama

On the 5th of June SRHI organized a 12 hour endurance event at Mount Panorama. Yes the article is a bit late but we hope you still like it. Mount Panorama Circuit is a motor racing track located in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia. It is situated on a hill with the dual official names of Mount Panorama and Wahluu and is best known as the home of the Bathurst 1000 motor race held each October, and the Bathurst 12 Hour event held each February. The track is a 6.213 km (3.861 mi) long street circuit, which is used as a public road when no racing events are being run, with many residences which can only be accessed from the circuit.

The track has an unusual design by modern standards, with a 174-metre (571 ft) vertical difference between its highest and lowest points, and grades as steep as 1:6.13. From the start-finish line, the track can be viewed in three sections; the short pit straight and then a tight left turn into the long, steep Mountain straight; the tight, narrow section across the top of the mountain itself; and then the long, downhill section of Conrod Straight, with the very fast Chase and the turn back onto the pit straight to complete the lap.

The race started at 12:00 CEST and finished at 00:00 CEST. In game the times were 05:00 -> 17:00. So we started in the dark, had a beautiful sunset and a blistering hot afternoon. Start to finish there was constant action on track, respectful driving and great racing.

The best way to “experience” the event is by watching the 2 live streams:

Some nice “post cards” made by Mark Ham:

SRHI – Virtual cars, Real drivers

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